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Improving our research portfolio


Research is a core priority in the Canadian Cancer Society’s new nationwide strategic plan.

This issue highlights how the strategic plan reinforces and expands the central role of research in the Society’s mission throughout the redesign of our research programs.

Also in this issue: The promise of genomics

Redesigning the CCSRI research portfolio
Dr. Christine Williams

For the first time in many years, our research portfolio is being re-evaluated and redesigned

Read more in an interview with CCSRI's director of research, Dr Christine Williams.

An update on the process of redesign

Redesigning an entire research portfolio doesn’t happen overnight.

Read more about the Research Cabinet, the extensive consultation process and the next steps.

The importance of fundamental research

A genomics primer

What was the Human Genome Project, what is “junk DNA” and why is the amazing science of genomics so important for cancer research?

Read more

Personalized medicine?
Dr. Huntsman

The promise of genomics

Ten years after the completion of the Human Genome Project, are we on the brink of an era of personalized medicine? Dr David Huntsman gives some insight into the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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December 2010
Volume 3 Issue 2

Research portfolio news

June open letter open letter to research community

November redesign update

Congratulations to this year’s recipients of our Research Awards of Excellence

Dr Mitsu Ikura

Prof Richard Gallagher

Dr Camilla Zimmermann

Dr Daniel Durocher

Dr Michael Ohh

Recent CCSRI research making news

Dr Mick Bhatia - turning skin cells into blood

Dr Prithwish De - HRT and breast cancer

Dr Michael Taylor - refining treatments for medulloblastoma

Dr Ming-Sound Tsao - refining lung cancer treatment

Canadian Cancer Society activities

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