I walk so no other child grows up without parents.
Early Detection Save Lives
As long as I'm living my Mama you'll be...
Walking for loved Ones
My Aunt Nancy
for my Daddy
Why I walk...
She's a fighter
Love you to the sky and back!
At age 20, I had to give up becoming a father!
Betsy Steele
For All Of Us
Carpe Diem
My grandbabies saved me!
La vie le plus beau des cadeaux
A simple tradition
Dancing for Delaney
My Husband
My Story
Living with Multiple-Myeloma
Je n'oublierai pas...
The Greatest Man Alive
L'épreuve qui m'a fait grandir.
The year I said "Hello" & "Good-bye"
La vie, la vie!
Un combat pour tous
My Cousin Sharon
For my much missed Daddy
Pour la vie
Why I Relay
For My Mama
Why I Relay
My 9th Year Participating In Relay For Life
How Cancer has hit home...
Memories and Hope
Pour toi ma belle Océane
Histoire de famille
Syndrome de lynch
Une vision différente de la vie...
I Relay for Tyler
Cancer des ovaires
I Relay Because..
Strenth and hope for a cure!
Never giving up the battle.
My familys journey
Missed by so many
Lung Cancer
Une autre marguerite de l'espoir
My brave husband
A Mother's Love
Wings of Hope For Sara
My Papa
Fighting Back!
Souvenir impérissable
I want to help.
Une chance qu'on s'a (chanson de Jean-Pierre Ferland)
5 years already, miss you everyday
To the bravest young man I know
Why I Relay? More like... why not?
What Relay Mean to Me
For You Papa
Les anges
The Sock Story
10 strong years
Fighting Because They No Longer Can
Continuing the fight.
Family and Friends For Life
3 Time Cancer Survivor
My family
Determined to eliminate cancer.
My Mom.... My Hero- Forever and Always
Family and Friends
A most humbling experience
Ralley for Richelle
Not just beat by one person....but a communtiy
I feel inspired
123 traitements de chimiothérapie à ce jour et je continue
Help Me
In memory of my dad and hope for my husband
Lost too many
Reprend mon envol
Every moment, everyday, everyone.
Why I Relay
Positive Attitude
Vivre au jour le jour
Together We can!
LiveStrong 13
By Chance
My story
Journey of hope
Mes anges
In memory of
Kates army!
The Villeneuve's
Premier Relais
The reason I Relay.
Helping out cancer patients and surviors
Une histoire de courage... Cécile Croteau
Why I relay
Find a cure
I Relay For My Grandmother
Cancer and my family
I Relay For Life....
Why I Relay
I Relay for you because I can
I am participating for my family and a friend.
My family involvement
Why I Relay
Un diagnostic qui a chamboulé ma vie
Be the change...
Kidney cancer sucks but Life is good!
Before Their Time!
I am a Survivor
It is never enough
Cette année, j'y suis!
My Reason
Thank you
Least we not forget...
Why Bela Relays
For my loved ones
I lost my Dad and Dad in Law to cancer
I Relay for an amazing grampa with bottomless pockets of candy...
I relay because I can
A Mother's Love
I Miss You
I Survived but Mom did not
I Relay to bring hope to others!
My motivation to Relay
Forever Remembered
Hope Springs Eternal
Lucky guy
Why I am doing RELAY
Why WE Relay
Déjà 20 ans !
Not even Cancer can get me down
Thumbs up for a cure
I walk...
8 juin 2012
Why am I relaying ....
My little fighter
joie, tristesse et décès à 17 ans
Love will survive
My Mom
A Family's Love, A Mother's Strength
Keep positive! Even when things get bad find that one thing that makes you happy.
Turning Pain into passion
Lets Find a Cure
Cancer du sein
For My Father and My Friend
We're a Family - We Relay for Hope
A Family Legacy that needs to be stopped!!
Ma plus grande bataille de survivante.
I Relay for my daughter!!
For a better tomorrow
"I BELIEVE in the power of POSITIVE thinking!"
My Relay
Our survivor
Le cancer n'est pas la fin d'une vie !
What "Relay For Life " means to me.
Always remembered
Because I Can
I relay for my mom
Why I Relay?
To do what I can
For Cassidy
Mon étoile brille
I relay to honour my son!
Best Friends
Why would anyone NOT relay
I relay for the future
My husband and son diagnossed 9 days appart.
Why I relay
why I Relay
Remembering my son Rick
For Leslie
Ça cogne à la porte !
Why I Relay
I Relay to fight back.
My Hero Mateo
Why I Relay
Relay For My Dad
Why I Relay
Creating Hope by Celebrating Life
I Relay for my Mother
my family and me
Welcome to Chris/Eileen's Personal Page
Stef's Story
Francis, Marie-Ève, Mélodie, Noémie, Marie-Thaïs, Maxim ...
Ma vie a basculée...
Walking for Allan!
Walking for "Dad"
Relay to Celebrate
Fight For Fred
Why I Relay
Why We Relay
Courage et espoir....
My fight against cancer
Because Cancer Affects so many
Cancer doesn't fight fair!
This is why I relay!
I relay for Lori Gillham
Pour toi PAPA
I walk for Tracey
My Angel Mary
Help make cancer a thing of the past
Aller de l'avant
Des gens qui marque nos vies...
In memory and in support
How could I NOT relay?
"I hope you dance"
Why I walk Me and Mom
My Long Journey
My Story
My road to the Relay Victory Lap
My Mom
The Wind Beneath My Wings
A Friendship Quilt
We all know somebody...
Tom's Story
Honouring My Mother
I lost my nephew unexpectedly
Positif et très bon moral...
My son John is my hero
Michelle Garrah-Matthews
Relay means Research
My Story, My Hero
Fighting For Life
For Pooh
my 2011 year
Cancer No More!
Why I Relay
Crystal's Jouney
My fight with Ovarian Cancer
A Thousand Footsteps and More
We Relay for Dad
Never Forgotten...
Together we can do it!
The reason I relay
Hommage à la vie
Pourquoi je participe au Relais
Cancer sucks!!
Why do I relay?
Ariane Delorme
Why Me
I relay for my mom.
No One Is Immune
my reason-everyone's reason....
Together we can change
a sister, a mother, a grandmaother, a great grandmother, a mother-in law, a friend ...
Cancer cut his life short, but never got his ~~Spirit~~
My Grandmas
Why I Relay
Memories and Perserverance
Why "Cristina Crew" Relays
A long, hard road!!
Amour, cancer et décès
L'Amour est plus fort!
I will walk for Anne because she walks in Heaven
Cancer...it hits everyone
Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma
Brittany- Why I relay
I relay for my mom and my brother who lost their battle to cancer less than 2 years ago!!!
I Miss My Mom
A Poem for Charlotte
I Relay Because....
Why I Relay
I want to make Cancer History!!
I walk in honor of a great man... One I can call my father...
An Alphabet of Breast Cancer
In Memory Of My Dad
Believe you can make a change
December Days
Each Day is a New Day!!
Why I relay
l'histoire de biche!
It's never too late!
I relay for the next person...
I Walk for Kit because he no longer can
Parce qu'ils sont partis trop tôt... Parce qu'ils l'ont vaincu...
Live life to the fullest!!
I am relaying for my dad
Force, courage et espoir.
Hommage a un digne combattant
Why I Relay
I Relay For My Family And Friends
Why I Walk in Relay for Life
Porte-parole Relais pour la vie Saguenay 2012
Doing my part
Miss You
L'instant d'un espoir
Our Fight
Pour ton Courage
Si fragile...
Because my mom was way to young to leave
A Life Taken Too Soon
Voici mon parcours
The end of the road; the beginning of a journey
Most of all Diane <3
Why I relay
Celebrating 22 Years!
Fridays with Annabelle
Why I Relay ...
My best friend!
For Rachel
Why do I relay?
My cancer story
The event that changed my life.
Mary O'Hara
Why I relay
I am proud to Chair Relay for Life in Thompson and very proud to relay for LIFE!
... because I can
Why do I relay....
Donnez l'espoir
So Many Stories to Share
My Mom
Why I relay...
My Journey
Why I Relay...
My dad..
Remembering Nancy
Perde des gens précieux
Deux fois plutôt qu'une... à 35 ans!
Ma mère adorée
Pour mon père
Garder espoire
Pour Les courageux
angels for Evelyn
My Mom, My Sister and Me
je m'appelle René Lebel
Blessed to be a part of this!
Making Cancer History
Memories are good but having you still here would be awesome
In memory of....
Momma Bear
En mémoire de mon père
Too Many Losses
For The Women in My Family
I Relay for my mum, Patty
A Journey
la vie... après le cancer
Why Not !!!
Remembering & Supporting
Why I am relaying for my first time.
Why I Relay
La maladie
" Firefly " the magic is in believing.
Why I relay
My legacy
Why I Relay
I relay for LIFE
Rileys recovery
La Victoire
Remembering Dawn
Faire son bout de chemin pour une cause qui nous touche tous!
Les Solidaires
We will always remember
Why I relay?
Hands to Hold
Partir Debout au lieu de vivre à genou
I lost my Dad today.
Relay Makes me STRONGER!
"I Believe"
Marlene's Ride To Glory
Why I Relay
My first time
Why I Relay
Why I Relay
In memory of my mom
Why I relay...
Why I Relay - A Poem
Life is too short
Pourquoi ?
Une cause pour le coeur
Pas toujours ROSE!
Why I Relay
Bald and Beautiful
une belle soeur courageuse
The day you changed our life!
For my neice/daughter
Why I Relay
mon père !
Le Cancer et Moi...
Cancer and Friends
cervical cancer
Lettre à  ma petite maman d'amour
Why Do I Realy
I don't want to die!
For my mom, my hero!
Aider pour remercier
Why I Relay
Adolescence interrompue
My Mom
Faire confiance à la vie!
My Sister Julie
Why I Relay
#BrookeRamsay @BrookesDonkeys
Why I Relay
Why I Relay
le combat d'Allain Hachey contre le cancer
In Memory of a beautiful Person..
Pour ma maman...
Walking for Ken MacLeod and Cathy Liquorish
Why I Relay
4 years ago...
My Reason to Relay
My Mom
Why I Relay
Aynslee's kicking Cancers butt
Cancer Sucks!!!! that's why I relay
My reason to FIGHT!
La famille c'est important
Courage for Cancer
Tombé en amour
Maman douce maman
I Relay for LIFE
My Inspiration for participating is to honor my Moms courage and grace.
Believe & Hope
Agony of De Feet for Cancer
Cancer Sucks
Mon combat contre le cancer
The fight of my life
ma petite étoile!
Travelling soldier
Never stop fighting
For our students and school community
Une histoire comme tant d'autres
In memory of dad and in honour of 16 month old nephew, Jacob
À tour de rôle
Embracing the Enemy
Programme DonEspoir Cancer - Dons de cheveux pour une bonne cause
A poem for my father, a victim of esophageal cancer
Fighting For My Family
Cancer has been a part of my whole life from when I was just a little girl to becoming a Daughter-in-law.
Why I Relay
Mathieu's Believer
I am relaying in honor of my Mom
Mon combat pour la vie....
I Relay for Libby
Too Much To Live For
Cancer: A pain in the butt
You've caused so much pain
My Cancer Journey
For the women in my family
la perte de notre pilier
Ma Mere Mon Ange
The best second chance I ever had
Cellules cancéreuses
Why I Relay
Life After Cancer
Vive la vie
Le cancer nous touche tous de près ou de loin.
Why I Relay
Gardez espoir!
For My Sister
In My Lifetime
Mikaela Somers: The Fighter
Claudette mon ange
Am I next??
Look out Big C - here comes Big JTee.
My Sister- Carly Bunyan
Why I participate in the Relay each year.
Ne jamais lacher...
Breast Cancer !!What!
Dire Merci après 2 cancers
No More Goodbyes
Stop the cycle
Va Plus Loin!
My Mother
This is why I relay
Qui est Papi ?
Broken but not Shattered!
Getting a head start
Pourquoi ?
Why do I relay? My tumour"Herman".
My First Relay
The Love of My Life
Trop de gens ont le cancer
Now is the Time
Mes petits enfants
Partis trop tôt...
A way to Honour my Nona(grandma)
Le cancer " Quand sert"
My mom, my hero!
Partie rejoindre les anges
Mon ame n'est plus
Thank you for my LIFE
Je t'aimais, je t'aime et je t'aimerai pour toujours !
A life with my daugther
Je veux faire ma part
One Wish
I relay so that we may all remember to "Live, Love, Laugh"
First timer
Ma vie avec la Société canadienne du Cancer Québec
Shaving my head
10 Years After
Cancer is a big bully who needs a good swift kick!
For Nanny
Espoir et vouloir égale victoire..
Espoir et vouloir égale victoire..
The Upside of Cancer
Family is Everything
What I did on Daffodil Day...
"I don't want to grow up!"
A gift from Mom
Too young for S4 colon cancer
A Beatable Foe
I'm Still Here!!
Why I Relay
Why Am I taking Part in Relay for Life 2011
Tres belle experience
Janet's Story
For all my loved ones
La vie après le cancer
Age of Cancer
For My Dad
My Best Friend
Rileys Road
Why Do I Relay?
Why Do I Relay?
Ma mère une amie
Le cancer dans ma vie....
Un survivant
Joindre la lutte pour ma famille
Red is the color of courage.
Salisbury Composite High School
Quand on partage tout...
"Soul Mate Cuzzie"
Lâchez PAS, la survie est là grâce à votre support MERCI ;^)
De près où de loin...
On daffodil day I will...
In honour of my Mom and Dad
Relay for Leah
Aventure difficile
Sourire et dire simplement Merci à la Vie!
Relay for Hope
Just Because
24+ Reasons to Relay
Mon Histoire de Cancer
My Dad
Foulards les filles!!!!
Everyone has a story....
On Daffodil Day, April 27th, I will....
Cookies for Allan Blair
Ma Mamie partie trop vite
A fight to the end
Un diagnostique fracassant
Jade mon ange pour la vie
Grocery shopping
Good Things Should Happen To Good People
Pourquoi pas....
Connaîtres plus de survivants
For my boyfriend
Remembering Dad
I'm relaying to help find a Cure.
Histoire de famille
La vie c'est important !!
Mon ange
Partie rejoindre les anges
Une vie
Marie-Ange notre Ange
For Dad, Cora and Jo
Why I Relay
For My Daddy
I Relay for Connie
I relay for hope
"My Survival"
For Dad & Mark
My Father
Le courage de vaincre
Une deuxième participation
Papa Neddie
What I will do for Daffodil Day
Fighting for my small children
To help find a cure.
My plan for Daffodil Day
My Plan for Daffodil Day
My plan for Daffodil Day
My plan for Daffodil Day
My plan for Daffodil Day
My plan for Daffodil Day
My Plan for Daffodil Day
For my mother...
My plan for Daffodil Day
My plan for Daffodil Day
Why I Relay
Donner et recevoir
Donner au suivant pour demain
Les Globules VERTS
Donnez au suivant
Un long combat; maintenant je recrute
Hommage à mon père
Relais pour la vie
Pour Marie-Jeanne Marcil
Smile, be happy and make cancer a thing of the past!
Brother dies with Leukemia
Se battre pour la vie
Cancer = La Vie
Aaron Offord- My Journey with Leukemia and the Lessons it taught
Pour mon idole, mon héro, mon champion
Espoir et force
Merci à la vie
Why we Relay?
Mikaela Somers
Pour la vie tout simplement
Pour nous tous!
My friend
Nancy Lee Giles....
My brother fred
Very Grateful to God, the medical team as well as my family and friends
En ton honneur!
Petite étoile...
Not Cancer Again!
Why We Relay
Gamer's Giving Backs' Pink Day in LA
In Memory of Bernard Agar
Mon conjoint m'a accompagné dans son cancer
Lessons in living: One person's battle with colon cancer
Know your body
Just beginning our journey...
Un ange
My Girls
The fight against leukemia
My Journey
Les soeurs de ma mère
Lover of Life
In Memory
La renaissance
Memories of my First Relay for Life
An eye opener
Why We Relay
Second chance at life begins at fourty
Smiling Forever
Marie-Elaine Faust mon idole!!
In memory
3 time Cancer Survivor
Pour toutes les personnes que j'ai perdu(es)
Why I relay
Why I fight back 365 days!!
why relay????
Première marche de l'espoir de la vie
Memories never die
Cancer ne signifie pas décès
My husband is a survivor
It Takes My Breath Away
Created to love
Une greffe d'espoir
Parti trop vite
Étoile Filante
Why We Relay
Ma maman
For My Dad
I relay because,
Gone too soon
I Relay for Hope
why I relay
Mom's fight with SCLC
My Father, my hero
Pour vous
Cancer strikes when you least expect it...
I Relay For Life!
My Warrior Mother
My Father
The Pain Is Just Too Much
Regard vers l'avenir
22 years and counting
Pour les ados
Mon rêve de maman
Bill and Pat
Déjà 9 ans
Best Friends
Je marche parce que...
Pour toi ma belle maman d'amour
À 25 ans, je ne suis pas une mourante... je suis une combattante!
I run...
Do your own research and be your own advocate!!!
My Sister
Pour mes proches, pour mes prochains
Auntie's Angel's
Let's Beat Cancer
I relay because....
Charlie's Angels: Why I relay.
The Golden Child...
Our Little Angel, Alexas
My Brother, my best friend !
Surviving cancer
Cancer, his part time job
Why I Relay
Que la vie est belle
In the Blink of an Eye
Mon père
Why I walk
Il n'y a pas de bon moment pour perdre une mère...
A prologue: Waiting
Vivre pour lui
Celebrating yet Remembering
Ma Vie... Mise de côté sur une tablette
Why I relay
Pour mon grand-papa et tout les autres..
Pourquoi je participe au Relais?
In memory of
Why I Relay
Pourquoi je participe au Relais
Almost 40 years
Too many generations
Ma mère est devenue mon ange gardien
Why I Relay
L'espoir et le positif!!
Paediatric Angels: I walk for you
Happy Birthday Dad!
To be or not to be
Celebrate and Remember
amour fraternel
I do it for love
La vie est si fragile
My ROCK was taken away!
Team Cardinal
Why I am in Relay For Life
Why I relay
Why I want to Relay
Cancer - Be Gone!
In my own skin
Grand-Papa en or
My Super Man
Merci la vie !
Why I Relay
I Relay for a cure
Sa bataille qui est devenue notre bataille
Ma fille a survécu, mais mon père non.
Tim's Journey
Why I Participate In The Relay For Life
This is why I'm here.
Trop, c'est trop!!!
Continuons de lutter
A wonderful women.
Pour protéger mes parents et amis
Tu nous manques Lise
Beat Cancer Susan Lapointe
Cancer mortel à 80%
En ton nom, en ton honneur, grand-maman...
Memories of a luminary
En mémoire de Martine
Pour mon papa
Une force tranquille
I Relay For My Son
Pour notre maman
In memory of mom
Dear Dad
Eternal Flame
Ils me manquent, alors rendons leurs hommage
My reason for Relay for Life
Getting up to Cancer Each Day
Un combat qui s'est terminé trop tôt !
My Angel
Survivante d'un cancer avancé
I Won the First Round
Proper nutritional food can help
il était une fois ....
Ma mère: mon modèle
.Mon père 65 ans
Histoire d'une vie
The Power of Cancer Research
Ma mère a survécu à un cancer colorectal
I Want To Kill Cancer Mommy!
Two time survivor
Un cancer du cerveau à 36 ans
Le courage
Un rêve, une réalité...
Why I'm not the one with cancer!
My dad, my hero, my mom, my friend, my cousin, the list goes on.
The Grandpa that Never Gave Up.
In appreciation for surviving
Mes 3 anges, mes 3 amours
Grandmas Gone But not Entierly
Poem - untitled
Mon fils adoré Yannick
Against All Odds
In dedication to the wonderful staff at the BCCA in Victoria, BC.
My Miracle
Cancer and Me
Donner l'Espoir
My Guardian Angel
Renata's Battle
My battle continues
The Lighthouse Keepers Tale
Scary Time
My Story
Tunnel of Darkness Open into the Light
Histoire d'une vie
No warning signs
Je suis avec toi quoi qu'il arrive !!
My Best Friend and Mother Sally
Living without a Thyroid
why do I Relay?
Life's Lesson
Faire le deuil
Reason to Relay
I relay
My dear mom and dad
This is my first Relay year
Why I Relay
En hommage à ma mère qui a survécue au cancer
Fighting back
Why I relay?
My Family
Beau-frère décédé du cancer
Moi et le cancer
My Mother
This is why I Relay ...
The reason
Why I relay
La Mamie de ma best
Hitting Home
What Relay For Life Means to Me.
Cancer has touched my life
Fortunate One
Parce que l'on n'est jamais trop jeune pour avoir un cancer !
Loving to Learn
Croire en la recherche
The reason I relay
Memory Laps to Fight Back
Nous participerons au Relais en mémoire de notre mère
Tracy Dawn is my name
En mémoire...
My reason to relay
We have to beat it.
We Need To Find A Cure
Cancer Hurts Too Much
Always hoping, always fighting, never forgetting
Many More Birthdays to Come
Tricia Sisson's story
For my loved ones
Why I Relay
Histoire de famille...
Un été pas comme les autres
Walking miles in memory of our loved ones.
Je veux rendre hommage à Lucien (Le dernier à droite) & tous ceux qui luttent pour cette maladie !
La Vie... Une roue qui tourne.
My Cancer Journey
Walking on for Prince Harry
For my Parents...
The strongest woman ever
For my Mom
I relay for my mother and for myself.
Why do I relay?
Our Battle
We Relay for Cole
Matt's Wings
Too Many People....
Loss of bladder control after prostate surgery
Vivre le temps, vivre longtemps...
In Memory of my dad John Lewicki
Hommage à mon grand-papa Arthur
The old days
All changed by cancer
Ma mère
Et oui...moi aussi
Elsie's Fight
Daddy's Girl
To celebrate and remember
Avec toute mon admiration pour ton courage Karol
Relay For Life
Survivor inspired by Cohyn Joel
Why I Relay
Why I Relay
The most amazing woman to ever exist
A terrible family legacy
In tribute to my dad: Hing-Man Chow
Beaux frère décéder du cancer
Courageuse Nathalie
It's not just about me anymore
I may have cancer but cancer does NOT have me
Une histoire de famille
Why I walk.
Maman... et papa
In memory of my beloved Grandma
Never give up hope!!!!!!!!!!!
La définition du cancer pour moi..
Family means the world to us
A fight for an uncle
A brief vist with cancer
For My Little Boy
I Relay for ...
My battle
Chaisson a Dream
I survived while my 33 year old daughter lost her battle? Why?
Cancer, the whispered word
Encore un autre....
I relay for Cathy Campbell
My Dad, My Hero!
The true survivor
Juste une maman
I love you dad
Why Madeleine is participating in Relay For Life.
Why I relay? That's easy
Why I run.
Cancer fears me!
C'était une femme d'exception
Castrated, Emasculated, but hardly disempowered!
The Monster
Consoler à ma façon
No more tears
A guy I wish I met
Emma, Gene and Kim
My dad, my hero.
God does give us second chances
Why I am doing the Relay
Why I walk
I believe in a future without cancer!
Wake up calls
I am relaying for my son
Life is good
Ma petite maman
Second time around
Jen's story
I relay to help find a cure
Mary's reasons for walking
Why I relay?
My Victory!
My Super Strong Son, A Survivor
My journey
Les Donnatiens donnent!
For Miranda
Family fighting cancer
I relay because ..
Mon Histoire !
Marie a perdu sa lutte
Why I Relay..
Touched by Cancer
Snap of a glove
Why I Relay
Cancer: how it's affected me
Lets find that cure!!
For an uncle I just lost
Why I Relay
Keep Walking
Belle Didi
I am a Survivor
My own personal Angel
Fight, be positive, never give up
Our journey together
Beaux frère décédé du cancer
When you thought I wasn't looking
My Sister - My Hero
Cancer Can Be Beaten!
For my husband and daughter
My mom and I....survivors
Mother and sister
Two Generations Is Enough
Why I Relay
For my family and yours
My brother and my children's Uncle Rob (RIP)
I have what?
Fairy Footsteps
No one should have to lose the ones they love
The Yellow T-Shirt
Why I relay!
My role models
Beating the odds
Just a glimpse.
So no parent has to hear the words "Your child has cancer"...
Happy Birthday
My Inspiration, My Strength, My Angel...
My Family is disappearing
Our Papa
Une miraculé!
Hope and Victory
Live, Laugh, Love
Mathieu mon champion
I Don't Want It To Happen To You.
For those taken too soon and for Nannie!
My mom has terminal cancer
In Karen's Shoes - My Mom's Journey
Vaincre le Cancer entre Mère & Fils
So that others may survive too
I Relay For Life
Pour eux.
Cancer: it is my family history
My Hero
Cancer: it is my family history
Running for a Reason
It affects so many
Smoke Free Existence
Cancer stole the life of my family
Bien Vivante!
Une mère lorsqu'on a 18 ans
A special man
Love and support
Live like you are dying
The Little Brown Spot
Orpheline du cancer...
In honour of my husband, family, and friends...
Why I Relay
Forever Young
My mother's fight
Why I Relay
In memory of Barbara Lindberg
A valiant sister who lost, a determined mom who survives
Alex's Avengers
My Family
Cancer can get anyone!
For All Those We Love
Wayne Ruck
Because we can beat it
Let's make a difference
My Cancer Journey
A Survivor's Story...
I relay because I don't know anyone who hasn't been affected by this disease
Romain Bourassa
myélome multiple
I am relaying to honor my mom's wish of helping other people with cancer
Je particpe au Relais... pour la vie
I Relay Because-
A Mother's Nightmare
Why I Relay
My special aunt
Relay for life in memory of my Mom
Il était une fois Anne au Relais
Part of a bigger picture
We have touched each other
National Office Relay: A phenom
National Relay For Life brings the Web team together!
So Impressed
Our first National Office Relay For Life event was a great success