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Steps for success

Here are some simple steps to help you become a more successful canvasser.

1. Be familiar with the work of the Canadian Cancer Society and how donations are invested in cancer research, support and prevention - read all the materials provided

2. Canvass every home on your assigned route

3. Maintain accurate records and return balanced receipt books to Captain or Coordinator promptly

4. Before leaving home practice saying these messages in your own words (It really does help to say these words out aloud):

"Hi, my name is (Your Name) and I live in this neighbourhood."

"I'm doing this today for the Canadian Cancer Society because it is committed to fighting cancer and providing support to people living with cancer."

I'm wearing the daffodil pin to show my support for people affected by cancer. Will you give today to support people with cancer? Every donation makes a difference!"

If they say yes, ask: “Can I sign you up for our monthly giving program?” Wait for response. “Or would you like to make a one-time donation?”

A monthly donation is the best way to make a big difference in the fight against cancer, because they not only help reduce administrative costs, but also provide a predictable source of income that allows us to more effectively plan ahead and make the most out of donor dollars. We appreciate and value your support of the Canadian Cancer Society’s monthly giving program.

5. If they give a one-time donation or sign up as a monthly donor, give them a pin to thank them for making a donation.

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