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Useful Tips

1. Attend a volunteer training session. (contact your regional office for the training dates and locations)

2. Always wear your official identification name tag and introduce yourself as a Canadian Cancer Society volunteer.

3. Try to canvass when most people are at home - early evening or weekends.

4. Only canvass houses that are on your assigned route.

5. Revisit your neighbours that are not at home. Making at least one return visit can increase donations by 40% or more!

6. If no one is home when you call back, leave the leave-behind slip.

7. If you are collecting funds from your friends, family and/or workplace, keep your canvasser kit with you throughout the month of April.

8. If someone has questions about how the Society supports people with cancer and their families, give them a "Facing Cancer?" card with details about our support services and contact information to put them directly in touch with our knowledgeable staff.

9. Stay Safe: canvass in the early evening when there is still daylight or on weekends during the day. Try to avoid carrying large sums of money and stay in the doorway and avoid going into any household.

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