Understanding and changing your email contact preferences

Your privacy is important to us. Our website allows you to edit your personal contact preferences at any time giving you control over what we can email you about.

Read our privacy policy.

If you prefer not to use our self service options, please contact the Canadian Cancer Society in your province by phone or mail.

Accept email?

On your personal profile page, you can see what all of your current profile settings are, including whether or not you would like to receive additional e-mail communication from the Canadian Cancer Society that does not relate to a specific action you've taken on our website. This is our master email setting:

Accept e-mail illustration

If you choose no for this option, we will not send you any emails that are not related to the actions you&'ve taken. For example, you will not receive emails or e-newsletters with news and information about the Society, or requests to participate in other fundraising events or activities. This setting will override any specific e-mail interests you've selected in the "Specify you email and web interests" page, and will ensure that you do not receive any communications other than those tied to specific actions you've taken on the website.

If you elect to say no to this question, you will still receive transaction-based emails from our website. This means that when you make a donation, register to participate or volunteer at one of our events, we will still communicate with you by email as it relates to that particular transaction, including sending your tax receipt by email.

Changing your master e-mail preference

If you would like to change your master email setting at any time, log into your personal account on our website, and click "Edit your profile":

Edit your profile illustration

Setting up and changing your e-mail and web interests

If you set your "Accept email" setting to Yes, you can use the email and web interests section to help determine what type of emails you will receive from the Canadian Cancer Society.

To set or change your email interests, log into your profile, and click on Specify your email and web interests" near the top of the screen:

Special interests

Use your mouse to place a check box next to the specific topics you are interested in receiving email about:

Edit your e-mail interests