snow day,


make plans to get
outside as a family!

Get your family ready for a new winter challenge! You'll get together, get outside and have a ton of fun while you all get active against cancer. How? You’ll do it through fundraising as a family, then taking on an outdoor challenge!

get ready to get active!

Our challenge is designed for the whole family to take part. From the little ones to the grownups, we’re all going outdoors for an adventure in the snow. You can be sure there will be plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained as well as great eats, treats and lots of hot drinks to get you warmed up.

take part and help us grow the Snowball Fund!

Lace up your boots. Snap on your snowshoes. Show off your toques.

Get your family members and friends (who are like family) excited to join you in raising money that means so much in supporting the Canadian Cancer Society’s new Snowball Fund.

By fundraising or donating to the Snowball Fund, you will help fund the best cancer research in Canada, including ground-breaking research into childhood cancers - so that fewer children are lost to the disease, letting parents and siblings share the joy of a long and happy life.

show your kids the power their
fundraising can have in the lives of
families living through cancer.

Make tracks to this new family challenge that takes on winter and cancer while enjoying outdoor activities and sharing lots of laughter!

get outside.

find a location near you!

Family Snow Day, eh! is made for you and those closest to you! Get together and join other families at the event nearest you.

Family Snow Day Event: Thunder Bay is January 30, 2016
Family Snow Day Event: Toronto is February 15, 2016
Family Snow Day Event: Milton is February 21, 2016


yes, we want to sign up as a family for family snow day, eh!

Get ready for a challenging, fun-filled celebration of winter in support of the Snowball Fund for families living through cancer.

Register now for Family Snow Day 2016. Sign up with your family for an event near you.