Stories of Hope

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Stories of hope

Do you or someone you care about have cancer? You are not alone. We talked to Canadians from across the country of all different ages and experiences that fought the battle of their lives. Their stories are a source of hope and inspiration for anyone facing cancer.

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John cancer survivor

Dawn cancer survivor

Stephanie caregiver

When the word got out that John Sylvester was diagnosed with cancer in 2004, a wonderful thing happened. “All these old friends called. People that I had grown up with but hadn’t heard from in a long time.  That really meant a lot to me,” he says.  Read more...

Dawn was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. When she first found the lump, Dawn wasn’t totally surprised. Her mother, her grandmother and her great-grandmother all had breast cancer. “I knew it was a possibility for me.” Read more...

Ten-week-old Madison had a “glow” in her eye, remembers her mom, Stephanie Janes. Not quite the glow of a bright-eyed baby. Something different. Read more...

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There are many other ways you can support the Canadian Cancer Society, including advocating, volunteering your time, or participating in a local fundraising event. You can ensure your legacy of contributing in the fight against cancer, and enjoy significant tax benefits along the way through our tax-smart or corporate giving programs.

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