Question about Git'Er Done Mud Run 2017 or the Canadian Cancer Society and its policies? Consult the list of frequently asked question below.

Event FAQs

How do I register for the Git'Er Done Mud Run?

Registration can be done through this website! Remember there are lots of great ways to get involved with this event. Please visit our volunteer section if you would like to volunteer that day, or come out and enjoy the day and cheer your favourite Git'Er Done Team on. You can also make a pledge to a team that will go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society.

How will I know when my team races?

Opening ceremonies and warm up will begin at 8:30am. The first racers will start at 9:00 am with the remaining teams following at set intervals throughout the day. Your team will be notified of their race time prior to the event.

What do I wear/what equipment should i bring?

Proper athletic gear and footwear is strongly suggested. team costumes, t-shirts, face painting, hats, and other personal touches are encouraged.

Do I have to know how to swim?

No. None of the mud pits will be that deep. water wings are of course optional.

What do I get with my registration fee?

The first 200 participants registered will receive a souvenir Git'Er Done Mud Run T-Shirt, and other fun stuff in your race kit provided by our sponsors.

I am not in the best shape, can I still participate?

Absolutely. We do recommend some light cardio a couple of times per week paired with some upper body strenghthening to help you get up and over some obstacles.

I am pregnant/ have a medical issue, can I still participate?

The Git'Er Done Mud Run organizing committee may know how to put on an awesome event, but our prenatal/medical knowledge is limited. Please consult your doctor and get his/her approval before registering.

What if i can't complete a particular obstacle?

All obstacles will be manageable. The more difficult obstacles will have assists if needed to accommodate different fitness levels. We would like you to try to complete each obstacle, but if you feel you can't then you can go around without penalty.

What is the minimum age to participate?

The minimum age to participate is 13 years old (or 5-11 for Muddy Buddies).

Where and when do I pick up my race kits?

Race kits will be available for pick up the week of the event at the Canadian Cancer Society office in Pembroke or on event day.

What if I register for the event, but can't make it? can I assign a backup member?

Yes, if come the day of the event someone is sick or cannot make it, another person may fill the team spot for them. They will need to check in at the official race desk to let staff know and sign a waiver to race that day.

What is the fundraising requirement?

Each team is required to raise a minimum dollar amount for the Canadian Cancer society. Once you register for the event you will have your own fundraising link on the Canadian Cancer Society website that you can share in order to collect online donations. There is also a PDF fundraising sheet that you can print out to manually collect pledges. All donations are required to be turned in prior to the event (when you pick up your race kit). there will be prizes for the top fundraiser.

What if it rains/snows/ hails during the event?

Git'Er Done Mud Run takes place rain or shine - please check your local weather station the day of the event and bring appropriate protective clothing.

Can I bring my pet to the event?

No. Unless otherwise indicated, pets are not allowed at Canadian Cancer Society events due to the safety and well-being of all participants.

Why is there no smoking at Canadian cancer society events?

Smoking is strictly prohibited at all Canadian cancer Society events. There is a correlation between the use of tobacco and cancer. Tobacco use causes about 45,000 deaths in Canada each year. The Canadian Cancer Society wants to set a positive example in the area of tobacco control by prohibiting the use of tobacco at events. Smokers are welcome to participate but they are asked to respect the smoke-free environment. For more information about tobacco and cancer, please visit Smoker's Helpline.

I registered online and I'm wondering how can I get others involved with me?

Your participant centre contains pre-prepared email invitations that you can use to send personalized asks to your contacts to join you at the event and/ or pledge you. You can also use social media to spread the word about your partipation in the Git'Er Done Mud Run by clicking any of the facebook or Twitter icons on your personal fundraising page.

What is a Participant Centre?

A Participant Centre is a webpage for registered participants containing tools to help raise money online. From your Participant Centre you can customize your fundraising page, upload a photo or link to a video on YouTube, record pledges received in person, import your email address books and send out pre-prepared messages, monitor your fundraising progress and more! You will receive a link to your Participant Centre after registering via email.

What is a fundraising page?

Your personal and/or Team fundraising page is your public profile promoting your individual or team participation in the event. Emails sent from your Participant Centre will automatically contain a link to your fundraising page, which your friends and family see when they are looking to pledge you online in this event.

Can I make my personal fundraising page private?

Yes. From your Participant Centre you can make your personal page private so that it will not show up in public searches when someone is trying to find you to pledge. Simply click the link "Manage my display name" from the right hand menu of your Participant Centre.

How many Sponsors do I need?

As many as you want - there is no minimum number of sponsors for this event.


Can I register on the day of the event?

Yes, however, we do encourage you to register so you have the opportunity to collect donations and raise funds to help fight back against cancer. You can register online or by contacting your local Canadian Cancer Society Community Office. Registration is limited.

How will the funds raised be used?

Funds raised will help support Cancer research.

Can people other than my teammates see the results of my fundraising online?

Yes. Your fundraising progress is visible on your personal and/or team funraising page.

I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

Use the "Forgot my passord" link on your login page. You will be asked for your email address(which is also your user name) where you will receive an email containing a link to reset your password.

I forgot my username. Who can help me ?

Your username is the email address you used to register. If you cannot remember which email address you used or you have recently changed your email adress, please contact your local Canadian Cancer Society Community Office managing the event.

How do I volunteer at Git'Er Done Mud Run?

There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities at the event, from participating in organizing committees, to setting up the site location to serving food at the event. For specific opportunities, please contact your local canadian Cancer Society community office for more information.

Donation & Fundraising FAQs

When will the Canadian Cancer Society send out tax receipts for donations?
Donors who have made donations online will receive official electronic tax receipts by email within minutes of making their donation.

How do I make an online donation even though I'm not participating in the event?
You can pledge a participant online by clicking the ‘Donate’ link and following the instructions.

What do I do with the cash and/or cheques I have collected?
If you are collecting cash and/or cheque donations, you can do one of the following:

  • Record your cash and/or cheque donations using your Participant Centre. Simply log into your Participant Centre and click the "Enter a personal donation" button. Your fundraising thermometer will increase, however no electronic receipt will be sent out for these types of donations and you must still submit your donations to your local Canadian Cancer Society unit office or at the event.
  • Record your cash and/or cheque donations on a pledge form. Pledge forms can be downloaded and printed from your Participant Centre.
  • Drop them off at the local Canadian Cancer Society unit office managing your event or submit them at the event along with a copy of your pledge form.

Please note: Cash and/or cheque donations cannot be processed online as they require tax receipts that can only be issued by the Canadian Cancer Society. Please submit any cash and/or cheque donations by one of the previously mentioned methods.

Can I make a donation without using the Internet?
Yes. You can donate directly to any participant or you can contact your local Canadian Cancer Society unit office for donation information.

Why wasn't my credit card accepted?
There are several reasons a credit card might not be accepted. You might want to check that you have typed in the number correctly, that the expiry date is correct and that the name you've typed in appears exactly as it does on the card. If you would like further information, please contact your local Canadian Cancer Society unit office.

I lost my tax receipt. How can I get another copy?
If you received your tax receipt by email and lost it, please email us. If you received your tax receipt by mail and lost it, please contact your local Canadian Cancer Society unit office to obtain another copy of your receipt.

Can I make a general donation to the Canadian Cancer Society?
Yes, you can make a general donation to the Canadian Cancer Society here.

Is online giving safe?
Give with confidence. The Canadian Cancer Society donation system is secure. When you donate online to the Canadian Cancer Society feel confident that your information is completely secure. We use the highest levels of Internet security and encryption to protect your credit card and personal information. Look for the “https” in your browser URL and the padlock symbol in your browser window.

Privacy FAQs

Do I have to give my full name when registering?
Yes, your first and last name are required when registering for the event. You do, however, have the option of using a nickname or keeping your profile hidden when people are searching the event to pledge a participant.

Can I make my fundraising page private?
Yes - from your event Participant Centre you can make your personal page private so that it will not show up in public searches when someone is trying to find you to pledge. Simply click the link "Manage my display name" from the right-hand menu of your Participant Centre. Team fundraising pages cannot be made private.

What is your privacy policy?
Read our privacy policy here.

What do you do with the information you collect about me?
Please see our privacy policy.

How long do you keep the information you collect about me?
Please see our privacy policy.

Do you share/sell/rent the information you collect about me?
No. Please see our privacy policy.

How do I notify you of a change of address?
If you registered online, you can edit your profile and change your contact information anytime by selecting "Change contact info". You can also contact the local Canadian Cancer Society unit office managing your event. If you did not register online, you need to contact your local Canadian Cancer Society unit office.

Question not answered?

Contact us if you are unable to find an answer to your question.