Meet the Women to Women Ambassadors

Meet the Women to Women Ambassadors

Find out why they have joined the movement

Meet some of our Women to Women Ambassadors who are on the ground educating women in their communities across Ontario about how breast cancer screening saves lives. Browse their profiles to read their stories about how breast cancer has affected them personally, and why they are spreading the word to other women about the benefits of regular screening.

Name: Janet St. Louis

Why I’m Participating: Because I want to do this for all the women in my life. I am currently a new volunteer driver for the Ontario Breast Screening Program in Sudbury. I drive women to/from their breast screening appointments. This is very important to me and it makes me happy to know that these lady's are getting their mammogram exams done. It's also my way of contributing to the fight against breast cancer. Being an ambassador for Women to Women is my way of getting the word out about preventative steps to take to prevent cancer, and to be involved in the Cancer Society.

Janice, Women to Women Movement Ambassador

Name: Janice

Why I'm Participating': I have been active in leadership roles with the Canadian Cancer Society since 2001. As a volunteer, I felt it was important for me to practice what I preach with regard to prevention and screening. A routine mammogram at the age of 50 found a tumour the size of an apple seed. This early detection is the reason I believe in mammograms. Being diagnosed with breast cancer enabled me to bring an enhanced focus to my work as a volunteer. As a Women to Women Ambassador I hope to continue to make an impact in my community by raising awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and screening.

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Name: Joan

Why I’m Participating: I began volunteering with the Canadian Cancer Society to honour my dad, who is a prostate cancer survivor. As I became more involved, speaking to women about cancer prevention, I noticed that there was a real need for more education about breast cancer screening. And the best way to reach women is with personal, one-on-one conversations about the importance of mammograms that’s why I think the Women to Women movement is a great idea!

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Name: Terry

Why I’m participating: I am a Women to Women Ambassador because I am a breast cancer survivor. I want to get the word out that screening is important. I had close relatives with breast cancer and was at higher risk for cancer. I was 43 years old when I was diagnosed and had to insist on getting screened because of my age. So be bold, be strong and ask your doctor for the appropriate tests. I survived invasive breast cancer because of it.

Name: Vicky

Why I’m participating: I am eager to speak with friends, family and those I meet in all other capacities about breast cancer. I am particularly eager to encourage women to actively pursue regular screening. I lost my mother and aunt to breast cancer and its complications. Many of my friends are breast cancer survivors. As a counsellor I see women and their families at all stages of the cancer journey. I am excited to share and continue to increase the number of women aware of breast health.

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Name: Pauline

Why I’m participating: The opportunity to make a difference in one person's life is amazing. As an Ambassador I have the ability to share my knowledge about health and healthy living and hopefully inspire others to take control of their own wellness journey.

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Name: Ellen

Why I’m participating: I’m passionate about prevention, I make conscious decisions every day to live a healthy, active lifestyle and I seek opportunities to encourage others to follow suit. I am an avid downhill skier, and ski on average 90 times a winter. My goal is to ski when I’m eighty years old!

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