Welcome to My Personal Page

I am participating in the GitEr Done Mud Run on May 27 to support the mission of the Canadian Cancer Society.

My story is very simple: my mom beat cancer twice: first one was bladder cancer and the second was Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The treatments for both were extremely aggressive. My father had prostate cancer which caused him alot of pain and it eventually overtook him 1 1/2 years ago.  I also have friends who's moms's were diagnosed with and successfully beat their cancers. And one of my co-workers is also a cancer survivor. So I've decided to dedicate this run to them - the survivors and the fighters.                          

Please donate and help me reach my fundraising goal.  The monies raised will help our loved ones fight this disease.  And hopefully someday, we will win the fight for good!

Thanks for your support!

Online pledging is secure and it saves the Canadian Cancer Society money by reducing administrative costs.