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Greetings friends,family and collegues,

I have been chosen to be this years honorary cancer survivor for the GitEr Done Mud Run held May 27th, 2017 and I am truly honored.  Now I need your support.  Please make a donation to my personal page.  The money raised from this event helps fund leading-edge cancer research that is improving cancer treatments, preventing cancer and saving lives; provide reliable and up-to-date information on cancer, risk reduction and treatment; offer vital community-based support services for people living with cancer and their families; and advocate for healthy public policies.

You may ask, "How can she be a cancer survivor when she is still going through treatment?"  Well, from the moment I was diagnosed in July 2016, I became a cancer survivor everyday.  Following my double mastectomy, I was told I only had a 30% chance to live without any treatments.  I just finished 7 months of grueling chemotherapy and still have 25 radiation treatments, hormone therapy and more surgeries to follow.    I know first hand how challenging cancer can be for myself and for my family watching me go through it.  I am not sure how long I have left, no-one knows. Life is a gift, yet it is so fragile, so unpredictable and so uncontrollable.

Please pledge me and help me reach my fundraising goal! Every pledge takes us one step further in the fight against cancer. Online pledging is secure and it saves the Canadian Cancer Society money by reducing administrative costs.

Thanks for your support!

Lynn Cooper

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Thank you
Thank you Mr. Anonymous for travelling from Ottawa to meet me and making a $40.00 donation.
Every dollar makes a difference.

by Lynn Cooper on Mon, May 15, 2017 @ 3:12 PM

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