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The Women to Women Movement

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Women to Women movement empowers women to educate other women about breast cancer screening and to raise funds to support breast cancer research. With your help we can spread the message that mammograms save lives!

Join Women to Women and become an Ambassador.

There are different ways you can participate and women of all ages are encouraged to join.

Act: Make sure to get a mammogram yourself, every two years if you are aged 50-69.

Share: Encourage the women in your life to learn more about screening and get tested themselves.

Fundraise: Encourage your family and friends to make a donation to support breast cancer research or simply donate yourself! Learn about how funding for research makes a difference.


Thank you!

The hard work of our Ambassadors is paying off

Total Women Educated: 3666

Fundraising Total: $3,560.00

Number of Ambassadors: 406

Janice Janice, Women to Women Ambassador, Newmarket Ontario

"As a volunteer, I felt it was important for me to practice what I preach with regard to prevention and screening. A routine mammogram at the age of 50 found a tumour the size of an apple seed."
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