Beat The Crap Out Of Cancer 8

Toronto / Vancouver

Beat The Crap Out Of Cancer is a martial arts sparring and demonstration event that raises money for cancer research.

Beat The Crap Out Of Cancer was founded in 2010 by Rene Cocolo, Tyler Morin, and Linda Matsumi. The first event took place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but over the years it has grown into having multiple cities around the world holding the same event on the same day. Each location raises funds independently so that the donations made in each city can go towards funding cancer research close to home.

All levels of experience, all schools and all individuals are welcome. You decide the intensity of your match . The premise is simple: we unite together as martial artists flying no colors or flags and raise money for an excellent cause. Along the way we also raise some bruises, welts, and the spirit of community in the martial arts. Each event brings us together more and more as a family.

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