Shave to Save, Answer for Cancer!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Natasha Chang, and I'm joining the Canadian Cancer Society to fight against cancer. I am pledging to shave my hair to raise funds for the society, and I hope you will show your support and join me in this fight. I am planning an event on 23 May 2014; however, if you are unable to attend or if you'd like to donate more, then please do so here. The funds will go towards Canadian Cancer Society's research, prevention programs, and support programs!

I decided to join the Canadian Cancer Society in this fight because a close family member, my grandmother, had suffered from and was taken from cancer. I have struggled for years in finding a way to support the Canadian Cancer Society. After hearing about many stories about brave people "Balding for Dollars," I've decided that I, too, should contribute.

So, please join me in this fight. And, if you'd like to see else I have to say, please visit my blog answerforcancervancouver.wordpress.com

Best regards,

Natasha Chang