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Making Cancer History

I am about to embark on a Cross Canada bike trip to fundraise for Cancer Research. This trek will take me from one edge of Canada to another.  Starting from the Pacific Ocean in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island and ending at the Bay of Fundy on the Atlantic Ocean, I will cycle on PEI and around Newfoundland before arriving between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to ensure all ten provinces are captured in this tour.

I want to take as many people with me on my trip as possible.  Want to join me? Read on.

Why am I taking on this challenge?

I have already retired once and I plan on doing that again, but I don’t think I’ll ever bike over 7,000 kms  in one summer again.  I doubt that I’ll ever again go around asking businesses and friends for sponsorship or donations to go along with a bike ride.  These are some of the more difficult things I have ever done but I remind myself why and continue on.  

My life, like that of most people  has been touched by cancer.  Cancer first came into my life when I was nearly a teenager. My mother was diagnosed with cancer. When I was 16 years of age my mother,  Barbara MacKenzie, age only 40, died of cancer.  My younger brother and I had lost our mother. It was devastating.  We knew the word cancer, but the true meaning had eluded us.  The reality of its meaning, however, landed solid and has lasted long.  

My wife is a cancer survivor, so are some of my neighbours and work mates. My father is a cancer survivor as well.  I can unfortunately make a list that is unacceptably too long, of people I know -- or have known with cancer.

Sometimes it has felt like cancer has been around the corner of every step: a friend, neighbour, and another relative.  There is too much cancer. Too many people have suffered or died and too many people around the victims of cancer have themselves been victims by virtue of their relationships--loving, friends, casual, working, neighbourhood relationships.

I do not want any more people to lose members of their families to this terrible disease.

I want to do something to help reduce and ideally eliminate the category of cancer victim. I want more cancer survivors. I want less cancer. I want no cancer.

I cannot assist with eliminating cancer through any skill set I possess as a doctor, laboratory technician, researcher or scientist. I do not possess those skills. Thankfully, our leading scientists and researchers are finding out more about cancer all of the time.  They are doing what they can to make cancer history.  

This is what I can do to help make cancer history.

I can take on this challenge of riding across Canada on a bicycle to raise awareness, and more importantly, money through your donations. The picture of the six year old boy with a new bike shows an image from fifty one years ago. The current day picture of that little boy, now grown, is on the website DavePedalsForHope.Com He has a new bike that he wants to do good with but he needs everyone who can help with the fundraiser to do so. 

This is what you can do to help me make cancer history.  

  • Pledge using this Canadian Cancer Society protected site
  • Watch our progress by following our blog which is easily accessible through DavePedalsForHope.com
  • Forward notices to your friends in their home province as we approach. Ask them to donate, come out and cheer us on, bike us in or out of your home town.
  • Set up a charity jar: Pick a theme for some fun activity to keep the fundraiser top of mind. For example, every time someone complains about the heat, or their chores, or how long the work day is, they have to put a toonie in the jar. Present the pot from the family or workgroup or neighbourhood to Dave upon his return.   

Please pledge and reach our fundraising goal!

The money raised will fund leading-edge cancer research dedicated to improving cancer treatments, preventing cancer and saving lives.  The research also provides reliable and up-to-date information on cancer, risk reduction strategies, community support services for people living with cancer and their families, and advocacy for healthy public policies.

Every pledge takes us one step further in the fight against cancer. Online pledging is secure and it saves the Canadian Cancer Society money by reducing administrative costs. 

If you want to read more about how your donation helps, check out the "Learn More" link above.

Thanks for your support!