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2014 DKE Fraternity Hockey Fundraiser

Stick it to Cancer is an annual charity ball hockey tournament to be held on March 15, 2014.  The event is entirely run by DKE - Phi Alpha Fraternity at UBC in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.  It is to take place in one of the multiple parking lots along Thunderbird Boulevard on UBC campus.  Gurdeep Roycombough is this year's Event Coordinator.  He can be contacted at chairman@stickittocancer.net.

In the past few years, Phi Alpha's Philanthropy program has consolidated all of its fundraising efforts to support the Canadian Cancer Society.  This was done to align our fundraising efforts with other Canadian DKE chapters.  In the last Academic Year (2013/2014), Phi Alpha raised over $14,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.  This total included $7,000 for Stick it to Cancer and $7,000 at Relay 4 Life.  The latter was hosted by UBC, and not Phi Alpha.  Our target for this year is to raise over $15,000 for Stick it to Cancer.  The proceeds will come from a mix of corporate and personal donations, as well as team registration fees and various Phi Alpha-hosted events throughout the year, including poker tournaments and barbecues.

Phi Alpha will be hosting at least 16 Male teams and 8 Female teams in tournament style play on event day.  Registration costs are $120 per male team, $100 per female team.  Team registration is now open at this link: http://goo.gl/UZ3f1o.  There will be a barbecue and refreshments for sale, with profits going towards the event.  We are also planning to have a food truck on site to provide a wider selection of food for event participants.

Click the Join this Team button below to sign up, or the Support button on the right to make a donation. 

Every donation takes us one step further in the fight against cancer. Online pledging is secure and it saves the Canadian Cancer Society money by reducing administrative costs. 

If you want to read more about how your donation helps, check out the "Where your money goes" link above.

Thanks for your support!

Event Coordinator: Gurdeep Roycombough

Email: chairman@stickittocancer.net

Phone: 604-657-1389

Donations Coordinator: Eric Eaton

Email: donations@stickittocancer.net

Phone: 604-710-9002

2014 DKE Fraternity Hockey Fundraiser (Team Full) Raised
Yuki Terao $0.00
Eric Eaton $100.00
mD $0.00
smhene $0.00
Self-Pledge Luke Allen $85.00
Jordan Almeida $0.00
Eric Benedon $0.00
Bronze  Stephen Bissett 2014 $860.00
Self-Pledge Reily Blackner $100.00
Brian Bortignon $170.00
Calvin Buchanan 2014 $125.00
Bronze Ryan Burns $570.00
Julien Cassells $70.00
Anthony Chang $0.00
Tom da Cruz $200.00
Cameron Davies $0.00
Connor Dunn $200.00
Self-Pledge Channing Finch-Noyes $150.00
Erik Fleming $125.00
Kevin Fortier $100.00
Keenan Genovese $0.00
Self-Pledge Keith Grant $50.00
Self-Pledge Eric Howie $100.00
David Hu $80.00
Jordan Huhta $100.00
Jacob Hutton $100.00
Hayden Huxley $100.00
Nick Johnstone $0.00
Jesse Kalkat $235.00
Steve Kim $0.00
Andrew Lee $0.00
Ryan Leggett $70.00
Wade Martin $21.00
Jordan Nijjer $0.00
Bronze Self-Pledge Mario Romei $750.00
Self-Pledge Eric Rossi $65.01
Self-Pledge Gurdeep Roycombough $220.00
Dylan Sartor $200.00
Amir Tehrani $0.00
Self-Pledge Thomas Thompson $100.00
Stuart Thorsen $155.00
Tri Tran $0.00
Silver Self-Pledge Scott Trapp $2,225.00
Michael Villorente $0.00
Self-Pledge Dylan Williams $20.00
Steven Yoo $0.00
Team Gifts $16,700.00
Denotes a Team Captain