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The Sikh Motorcycle Club BC Cross Canada Ride

Help us make cancer history!

The Sikh Motorcycle Club of Surrey, BC, Canada is 14 years old and was formed by motorcycle enthusiasts to have fun riding.  During it's initial years the organization faced many unique challenges, despite that the number of riders kept on rising in the Club.

Along with Riding, Club Members started participating in community activities, and the Club gained a high level of respect from the local community and the riding community.   

We are proud to have over 100 members, at any given time there are riding related activities going on.  We are paving the road for the next generation.

As a thank you to the community for their respect and support we have decided to organize a cross-country motorcycle ride to support the fight against cancer.

We would like to encourage the generosity of the community to raise funds for cancer research and support programs.  The ride will start on July 2 and go from Vancouver to Montreal. Every penny raised through this ride will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society to support the fight against cancer.  

Please give generously and support us in this fight against cancer.



The Sikh Motorcycle Club BC Cross Canada Ride (Team Full) Raised
Team Gifts $115,511.00
Denotes a Team Captain