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Cancer Fighter fundraiser 2018

Sugar Free March!
Sugar Free March!

We Love Kit Kats!

Sugar-Free March Challenge!

We are a team of Cancer Fighters giving up sugar for a whole month!

While we each may have our own reason for joining the fight against cancer, we are all united in our belief that we can make a difference. And your support will too!

When you make a donation to our team, you are providing hope to thousands of people affected by cancer.
Your generosity will fund innovative research, provide vital support services to cancer patients and help change lives.

Please donate online today and help our team reach our goal.

If you donate 50$ to our team, we will be able to enjoy one sweet treat!

Biggest thanks from the Kit Kat Lovers! 

The Rules

Giving up sugar is pretty complex and there's a lot of information out there on what you should and shouldn't be giving up.

Sugar-Free March challenge is about avoiding added sugar. Read ingredient lists, not the daily values. Plenty of perfectly healthy foods like fruits have sugar, but there is no added sugar in fruit.

Follow these simple rules for the duration of the challenge:
-No desserts, candies, sweets or baked goods
-No sugary drinks (pop, juices, chocolate milk)
-No sugary condiments and sauces
-No processed cereals or white bread

-YES to herbal teas, lemon water and sparkling water
-YES to Sugar-free breakfasts like oatmeal, muesli, plain yoghurt with added fruits, nuts and seeds
-YES to fresh fruits and homemade dressings
-YES to whole grain breads, pastas and vegetables
-YES to Sugar-free cakes! Tons of recipes out there.

Start date: Thursday, March 1st, 2018
Finish date: Saturday, March 31st, 2018



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Proceeds from our fundraiser will support the fight against cancer

Thank you
Anik Corbeil
Jeffrey Sun
Kevin Henley
Mr. Josh Crawford
Trevor Allaby
$120.00 raised
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