Frequently asked questions about Jail and Bail 2017

Jail-N-Bail started in Saskatchewan in 1986. This is Winnipeg’s second Jail-N-Bail event.
Every 3 minutes, another Canadian is diagnosed with one of the more than 200 different types of cancer. Odds are, cancer has affected you, whether it’s a personal battle or that of a loved one. By fighting back together, we can change cancer from something Canadians fear to something they live well beyond.

When you join the fight by participating in Jail-N-Bail, you are supporting the Canadian Cancer Society’s mission of eradicating cancer and enhancing the quality of life for those living with the disease.
There is no fee to register.
Absolutely! The judge likes it when Jailbirds turn themselves in.
"Snitch" on someone and don’t forget to include all the contact information for the Jailbird. You must be sure he/she are available on the arrest day. Ideally, time away would be arranged with the Jailbird's supervisor. Also, secret fundraising would begin in the office to help the Jailbird make bail.
Yes, you can register as a Jailbird by phone on event day and we’ll do our best to arrange to pick you up. You can also register in person at the event. However, we encourage Jailbirds to register in advance so they have plenty of time to collect donations and work out arrest details.
We can put you on house arrest and you can use all of the online and offline tools to collect donations. Your pardon will be forwarded to you after event day. Email so we can cancel your arrest time and make arrangements for your “house arrest”!
Once you register online, modify your URL (website address) with your name or something easy to remember. Your confirmation email will include a link to your participant centre with instructions on how to customize your personal fundraising page.

Be sure to post your photograph and personal message on your page. You can then email your friends and family and invite them to support you in the event and donate to the cause. When they visit the site, they can use our secure online system to pledge you with their credit card. They will then receive an official electronic tax receipt via e-mail.
Yes, please bring your pledge sheets and donations with you on arrest day.
Encourage people to donate online via credit card or to read you their credit card information when you call them from jail. People can also drop off cash and/or cheques in person at the event. If that’s not possible, collect the donor’s complete name, address and telephone number and the Canadian Cancer Society will follow up with a pledge reminder.
Click here to access the pledge form.
Click the Donate button on any page, or use the search options to find a participant you want to pledge.
Yes. Tax receipts for donations of $20 or more will be emailed to you once your credit card transaction has been processed.
Contact the Canadian Cancer Society at 1-888-532-6982 Monday to Friday 8:30 am 4:30 pm.
If you are collecting cash and cheques, you can still record your fundraising progress online in your Participant Centre. Log in and click the "Enter a personal donation" button. Your fundraising thermometer will show the donation; however, no electronic receipt will be sent out for these types of donations as you must submit all cash and cheques at the event.