Fundraising Tips

Maximize your fundraising efforts with your own personal web fundraising page. Once you register for the Canadian Cancer Society Jail-N-Bail, you'll have access to fundraising tools to help you get the word out about your efforts. Your confirmation email will include a link to your participant centre and instructions on how to customize your personal fundraising page.

Include a personal photo

Be sure to include your photograph and personal message on your page. You can then send custom emails to your friends and family and invite them to support you in the event and donate to the cause. When they visit the site, they can use our secure online system to pledge you with their credit card. They will then receive an official electronic tax receipt by e-mail.

Tell your story

The most compelling fundraising pages offer personal stories. You may want to include some information on why you have chosen to get involved with the Canadian Cancer Society Jail-N-Bail, or you might provide a history of how much money you have raised to date. The best advice is to personalize your page with a photo and give your friends and family compelling reasons to support your efforts.

Collect offline pledges too

If you would like to gather pledges in person, you can download a pledge form from your participant centre after you register. Receipts will be mailed to donors after the event.

More suggestions on how to increase your donations

Did you know the reason that most people don’t make a donation is because they aren't asked?

Send an email to everyone in your address book, inviting them to check out your personal page and make a donation. You can log in anytime and see who has responded and how close you are to your goal.