If you're one of the offenders and you've irked your co-workers, get back in their good books and turn yourself in!

When you turn yourself in and register online, you provide us with:

  • your contact information
  • the “charge" you are guilty of committing
  • your fundraising bail (suggested bail amount is $1,000)

On event day, sit back and wait for the detectives to arrive. You'll be transported to CF Polo Park in handcuffs where you’ll be given an orange jumpsuit and toque to wear. You’ll have your mug shot taken and will stand trial before a judge who will decide your sentencing. You’ll be put behind bars where you will contact your friends and family to raise bail.

Once you have raised bail or completed your sentence, the judge will grant you an official pardon and one of our volunteer drivers will return you to work.



Want to get one of your co-workers or friends arrested? All you have to do is “snitch” on them. Tell us what they did and we’ll take care of the rest. They’ve done the crime, now make them do the time. But don’t worry. We’ll never tell them who snitched!

When you snitch on someone, you provide us with all the info on your jailbird such as name and contact information of the person you’d like arrested, the “charge” they are guilty of doing, proposed time of arrest and so on. We’ll register the jailbird on your behalf and send you the details.

We’ll contact you when the “jailbird” will be arrested. Sit back and wait for the detectives to arrive!

It’s a good idea to take the following precautions before you “snitch”:

  • contact the Jailbird’s employer to approve time away from the office
  • choose fun-spirited sounding arrest charges
  • collect pledges on behalf of the Jailbird from co-workers and friends, which you can hand over to the Jailbird when they are arrested or bring them with you to the Jailbird’s court proceedings where you may be called as a material witness