Participation Options

Snitch on someone: Who grinds your gears at the office? Snitch on a boss, colleague or friend, then help them raise bail to earn their release. Snitch on someone

Turn yourself in: You know you’ve done something to irk your co-workers. Get back in their good books and turn yourself in! Turn yourself in.

Become an event sponsor: Cancer is everyone’s business and generous corporate sponsors can help us make this a successful event. Your monetary or gift-in-kind donation will ensure everyone has a great experience at Jail-N-Bail while helping the Canadian Cancer Society help those living with cancer. Email and list “Sponsor” in the subject line.

Volunteer: Volunteer for one of the many opportunities at Jail-N-Bail including bailiffs, court clerks, set-up/tear down crew, finance team and food team. Email and list “Volunteer” in the subject line.

Donate: Help us lock up the real bad guy: cancer. Donate to a Jailbird or Snitch or make a general donation to the event. Donate today.