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Relay for Life - Canadian Cancer Society


Relay For Life Ottawa Centre 2017

Who's Ready To Relay?
Who's Ready To Relay?

Hope is Paramount

Paramount Properties is honoured to have our "Hope Is Paramount" team back for our 3rd Annual Relay For Life and Event!

Thank you for your support and see you at Relay!!


Everyone on our team has their own reasons for participating in the Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life, but one thing we can all agree on is that it is unacceptable that 210 Canadians die from cancer every single day.

We have joined together to do something about it. We will walk to help save lives. The money we raise will fund Canada’s most promising cancer research and vital support services for people living with cancer and their families.

We will go the distance at Relay For Life, but we need your support to get us there. Please give generously.

Thank you.

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Event Details:
June 2 2017, 7pm-7am
Nepean Sportsplex
Ottawa, Ontario
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Congrats to the top teams

  1 -  $10,000 Rescuing Lives ($17,430.16)
  2 -  $10,000 #Intactsanswerstocancer ($10,586.00)
  3 -  $7,500 Dentons Canada LLP ($8,200.35)
  4 -  $7,500 The CarDanics ($8,150.65)
  5 -  $5,000 Hope is Paramount ($5,272.00)
  6 -  $2,500 Rhodes Runners ($4,440.15)
  7 -  $2,500 Cool Runnings ($4,119.00)
  8 -  $2,500 Syntronic Warriors ($3,785.00)
  9 -  $2,500 Gower Power ($3,200.00)
  10 -  $2,500 Preston Hardware ($3,135.95)
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