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1 in 8 Canadian women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.  Women are living longer, healthier lives after a breast cancer diagnosis, but there is still so much work to be done. We’re participating in this year’s Canadian Cancer Society CIBC Run for the Cure to make breast cancer beatable. We’re running in honour of all of the incredible women in our lives, and we need your help!  
Please contribute what you can to our fundraising. Every dollar makes a difference. Your donation will fund innovative research to help save the lives of more women, and provide support programs to those affected by this disease.  
Did you know that just $100 could fund 2 hours of life-saving research in a world class laboratory? Your contribution could lead to the next breakthrough! 
Together, we can change the future of breast cancer. 
Thanks in advance for your support!  

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$889.00 raised $2,000.00 goal
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Vanny Le
Vicki Werner
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Support Team VIVO - Elevate YOU