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Cuts for Cancer

Have you been thinking about donating your hair to help make wigs for cancer patients?

Whether you want to shave it, dye it, grow it or braid it, we're here to help! Register today to start fundraising and we’ll provide you with tools, tips and resources to make your "hair-raising" event simple and fun.

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To learn more about our partnership with the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program, click here.

IMPORTANT: Registration for 2014 fundraisers is now closed. If you are hosting a fundraiser in 2015, you may now create your page on our 2015 site.

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Top Fundraisers
  1 -  Bruce Power Emerg Services Battle against Cancer ($11,706.00)
  2 -  Melanie Ng Donates Hair LIVE on CityNews "The 5" ($11,360.17)
  3 -  Losing the Locks ($9,648.00)
  4 -  Inching Towards a Cure ($7,085.00)
  5 -  Queen's Cuts for Cancer ($5,390.00)
  6 -  Summer DeFreitas ($5,385.00)
  7 -  Alysha Ferguson ($4,336.60)
  8 -  U of T NursingCuts4Cancer ($4,055.00)
  9 -  Shoot for the Cure ($3,662.00)
  10 -  Help Me Help my Friend Louise ($3,567.00)
Top Individuals
  1 -  Gold Melanie Ng ($6,625.17)
  2 -  Gold Self-Pledge Nilisha Amalsadia ($6,600.00)
  3 -  Gold Jakob Israel ($5,600.00)
  4 -  Gold Summer DeFreitas ($5,055.00)
  5 -  Silver Bruce Power Employees ($4,966.00)
  6 -  Silver Alysha Ferguson ($4,296.60)
  7 -  Silver Madeleine Lavallée-Gordon ($4,130.00)
  8 -  Silver Kavalpreet ($4,063.10)
  9 -  Silver Casey Cassan ($3,705.00)
  10 -  Silver Self-Pledge Nancy Schruder ($3,277.00)
Cancer Fighters

St. Andrew's Junior High

St Andrews Junior High

On June 9, St. Andrew's Junior High School held their 6th annual Cuts for Cancer event, with 11 current and former students (and one parent!) cutting and donating their hair. Since 2009, the event has raised close to $10,000 to support the fight against cancer! Thank you St. Andrew's!

See their fundraising page

Latest Updates

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