Welcome to My Personal Page

Thank you all so much for helping us get to $5000 last year! We couldnt have done this without you!

Lets see if we can do it again!


Hi, my name is Kurdy and I am a Pug.

Yes, yes - the same dog from Men In Black…I get that all the time!

My humans Sue & Rocky have enrolled me in Bark For Life to raise funds for and awareness of the Canadian Cancer Society (cancer.ca) Because I am such a good dog I said "will there be treats?"  But seriously folks, I wagged my tail and said "of course!" because it's for a great cause (and I know there will be treats) and it will be fun! 

I will get to spend hours in the park with other dogs, no cats in sight!  If you know anything about my life you know why that is such a selling feature for me (I'm looking at you Nikita and Jodo!). I will even let the other humans fawn all over me because I am so adorable, and they can't help themselves.  Good times!

I am part of the Canadian Cancer Society Staff Team where all the dogs of staffers will be rallying together to Bark For Life!  I dont ask for a lot. I am a pretty happy dog. So just this once I am asking:

Please give my human money!

Then give me treats…

Then give her more money so we can be Top Dogs and save peoples lives! 


The main event isn't until September but you can follow along, as I train, on my D-blog. What is that you ask? Why my Doggy Blog of course! 

You can share my escapades with your friends and family by posting this URL http://convio.cancer.ca/goto/Kurdy Please give generously (and tell them too also!) and I might just share my treats with you! 

And remember, you aren't just supporting our team to become Top Dogs, but you are also supporting Canadians living with cancer. I cant think of a better reason to raise my voice and lend my cuteness.

Thanks for your support!