Why I "Bark for Life" & support the Canadian Cancer Society

12 years ago I lost my mum to a rare form of cancer called Multiple Myeloma. After her diagnosis she survived for 5 years and during that time she underwent a number of new and experimental treatments that led the way for how the disease is managed today. Her bravery is unrivaled and she is in our hearts everyday.

Jade, our Golden Retriever was our family dog during this time. She was a failed Guide Dog for the Blind because she was scared of everything: traffic, fireworks, thunder – you name it. Her career path was destined to be as our family’s comfort blanket, and at that she excelled. During my mum’s treatment Jade was always there playing a number of roles: a protector, a mop for our tears, a smiling slobbery greeting whenever we walked through the door. She was a never-ending source of comfort to my mum, and to our whole family, and provided unconditional love at a time when we all deeply needed it.

Today cancer continues to touch my family. My Canadian Mom has very recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is incredibly strong and courageous and I know she’ll defeat this very soon. My father is in remission from Prostate Cancer and thankfully doing extremely well. A sentence I’m continuously grateful to be able to write.

I’m the Event Chair for the Toronto Bark for Life events (Trinity Bellwoods, Sept 20th & High Park, Sept 21st) and a participant. The Canadian Cancer Society spearheads life-saving research to manage and cure cancer, and provides free information and support services to people facing cancer and their families. They’re always there when you need them. It makes me so angry that this disease can still impact so many and it is an honour to raise vital funds for the Canadian Cancer Society’s work and services. I’m proud to play my part in creating a world where people no longer fear cancer.

Thanks for your support!

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