Welcome to My Personal Page - Fight Cancer With Bella

This is my second year participating in Bark for Life – Trinity Bellwoods to support the mission of the Canadian Cancer Society. Unfortunately cancer has impacted my family and I am super dedicated to support events like these with the hope of finding a cure for this disease that impacts so many.

This year I am participating in Bark for Life for one of my best friends Samantha lost a very important person to her last year due to this unfortunate disease. During that time, I witnessed how difficult it was for her family. I was praying for her family and hoping for the best possible outcome. Even though things didn’t turn out in our favour, I know sharing stories like these and raising cancer awareness and fundraising is very important to ensure that future cancer diagnoses results in more favourable outcomes.

For about 3-4 years now, my great friend Samantha has a dog named Bella. This dog was given to her by a very important person in her life and has become the four legged exciting member of her family. She is a Maltese Yorkie Mix and I am always excited to see her when I hang out with our close group of friends. During that difficult time, I know Bella was there for the family. Whether it was a greeting when walking through the door at home or simply a source of comfort when trying to deal with the emotions of an immediate family member battling cancer, Bella continues to provide direct support when we deeply need it.

I wish this disease didn’t impact this great family or any family in general on this planet, but it’s the reality we live in today society. This is why it’s very important to play our part by making a positive difference to ensure that we provide the resources needed to battle this devastating disease. I also serve on the Committee Team as a Lead/Chair for the Recruitment, Retention and Relationship Building responsibilities (Since April 2013) for Bark for Life Events in Toronto.  

Please pledge me and help me reach my fundraising goal of $250.00 in memory of Samantha's  grandmother. Every pledge takes us one step further in the fight against cancer. I will personally donate an additional $250.00 if I reach my goal before event day (September 20, 2014). Online pledging is secure and it saves the Canadian Cancer Society money by reducing administrative costs.

Thanks for your support!