I hate cancer

Cancer doesn't just touch the lives of humans - it also affects our canine family members.  Dogs of all breeds are susceptible to this horrible disease - some are more prone to it than others.  Boxers are one breed that some experts say are more at risk to cancer than others.  As you all know from my many posts about my dog Hailey, she is a boxer.  

I volunteer with Sit With Me, a local shelter dog rescue.  SWM pulled a beautiful American bulldog mix named Dodger from a Quebec shelter a couple of months ago. Shortly after rescuing Dodger, it was confirmed that he had advanced osteosarcoma that had metastasized to his lungs.  A young boy, he should have had much more life left, but this terrible disease cut his second chance at a happy life very short. He lived out his final days with his foster mom, Melissa, soaking up lots of love and affection.  

It shouldn't have been this way. Dodger and the many others affected by this disease (both canine and human), should be able to run free and live long, healthy and happy lives.

I am participating in Bark for Life to raise much-needed awareness for local dog rescue organizations, and to raise critical funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.  

All of our lives are in some way effected by cancer, so I invite you to either join our Sit With Me Shelter Dog Rescue team, or generously donate any amount that you can to my fundraising effort.


Thank you!