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Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend 2019

VIVIAN'S Kittens
VIVIAN'S Kittens

VIVIAN'S Kittens

If you'd like to make a donation to the Canadian Cancer Society, please go to my Personal Page and click the "DONATE" button on the bottom of the page.

You may wish to make a donation to another member of VIVIAN'S Kittens' Team:




Many of us have been impacted directly by this dreadful disease!

At Centennial P.S., we've had many colleagues diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, we lost Myra Lavoie (L.L.D. Teacher), Marg Gosselin (Gr. 1 Teacher), Cheryl Shchepanek (E.A. in L.L.D. Class), Grace Dean (Lunch-time Monitor in South Wing), and now this past September, our sweet Vivian McAlpine (E.A. at Centennial). I'm sure I may have missed others...

Thankfully, there are Cancer Survivors! Bless them!

Your donation will make a difference!

Many thanks for your support!

Diane Daoust

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