Neon Night in Kemptville 2017

Gee's Gang


With a contagious smile, Geeteeta captured the heart of her foster parents Lisa Neil & Lyall Jollota and so many others. Diagnosed with bladder cancer, which was a secondary side effect of her primary diagnosis of fanconis anemia, Gee lost her battle in 2012. Sadly, some of our warriors simply cannot win the fight against the evil forces of cancer. Yes, some children do die…and their parents, family and friends find a way to move on.

For Lisa it is Gee’s Gang and her numerous fundraising campaigns for the team for Neon Night. For Lyall, it is being a member of our committee and Chair of the Neon Golf Tournament which supports our event. They raise their heads above and keep Gee’s memory alive. We are so fortunate to have Geeteeta as one of our Angel Warriors.


Gee's Gang (Team Full) Raised
Gold Daffodil Lisa Neil $2,211.20
Yellow Daffodil Lindy $125.00
Vicki Bisson $200.00
Mandy Burle $0.00
Tedd Burle $0.00
Alan Daly $0.00
Elliott Haley $0.00
Josée Labelle $0.00
Andrew Leang $0.00
Self Pledger Daphne Millar $50.00
Sheena Mitchell $0.00
Bronwyn Pophal $0.00
Yellow Daffodil Self Pledger Ted Rigby $165.00
Yellow Daffodil Self Pledger Jeannette Wagar $125.00
Team Gifts $1,425.00
Denotes a Team Captain