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Frequently asked questions about fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society

If you have any questions about becoming a Cancer Fighter and organizing a fundraiser in support of the Canadian Cancer Society, then please take a look through the information on this page. If you still have questions, please get in touch with us at or call 1-888-939-3333.

General Questions

  1. What is a Cancer Fighter?

    A Cancer Fighter is someone just like you. A passionate Canadian who decided to take action in the fight against cancer by hosting their own fundraiser. Cancer Fighters take an activity, like something they love to do run, swim, bake, dinner party and turn it into a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. Cancer Fighters turn their passion into action and know that the donations they raise are helping to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

  2. Do I have to sign up online to do a fundraiser?

    Signing up to fundraise online is the easiest way to get started. When you register your fundraiser online you’ll have access to a wide range of fundraising tools that will help you whether your fundraising happens on or offline.

  3. What will you do with the money I raise?

    Funds raised help us carry out our mission to eradicate cancer and enhance the quality of life of people living with cancer. Funds are invested in life-saving cancer research and vital support services to help Canadians living with cancer now. Read more about where your money goes.

  4. Can I designate the funds I raise to a certain type of cancer?

    Yes, when you sign up online you’ll have the option to choose how the money you raise is used. For example, if you select ‘breast cancer research’, then the donations you collect will be designated to that area. In the event that donations exceed the activity’s requirements, we will redirect funds to similar programs or to where the need is greatest.

  5. I want to hold a ticketed event can I do that on my page?

    Your online fundraising page is for donations and can’t support the sale of tickets. Once you register, you’ll gain access to the Cancer Fighter toolkit with tips for promoting and fundraising for ticketed events. You can also contact us with your questions at

  6. How will Canadian Cancer Society help me with my event?

    We have created a Cancer Fighter toolkit, as well as a collection of fundraising and promotional resources to help you succeed in your fundraising efforts. When you sign up online and log in to your Participant Centre, you’ll be able to access these tools.

  7. Will Canadian Cancer Society promote my event?

    While we are honoured that you’ve decided to join us in the fight again cancer, we are unable to promote your event. However, when you sign up online you’ll have access to a Cancer Fighter toolkit that has information, tips and tools to help you promote your event.

  8. Why can’t I use the Canadian Cancer Society logo?

    The official Canadian Cancer Society logo is used to mark events run by the Canadian Cancer Society. We’ve created a logo especially for Cancer Fighters to show that your event is benefiting the Canadian Cancer Society. When you sign up online, the Cancer Fighter logo will be available for download.

  9. Will you send me material for my event?

    To help ensure that we keep our costs to a minimum, we do not create physical materials that are expensive to create, store and ship. When you sign up online and log into your Participant Centre, you’ll gain access to the Cancer Fighter toolkit, which contains promotional and fundraising resources for you. You’ll also be able to download the Cancer Fighter logo which can be used to create your own materials.

  10. Will the Canadian Cancer Society attend my event?

    We are honoured that you’ve decided to join us in the fight against cancer, but cannot guarantee attendance at Cancer Fighter events. You can speak to your Canadian Cancer Society staff partner or contact us at

  11. What if I don’t reach my fundraising goal?

    When you sign up online, we ask you to set a fundraising goal. We encourage you to aim high while being realistic. That said, you’re not held to your initial goal and you can change your fundraising goal on your page. If you’re struggling to fundraise, consult your Cancer Fighter toolkit for fundraising ideas and tips. You can also reach out with questions. Email us at

  12. Will the Canadian Cancer Society reimburse my event expenses?

    The Canadian Cancer Society is not able to reimburse you for expenses incurred through your fundraiser. Keep in mind that the more expenses you have, the less (net) proceeds you will have to donate in the end. We encourage you to set a budget before you start fundraising. After signing up online, you will have access to your Participant Centre, where you can download your Cancer Fighter toolkit that has information on how to keep expenses low.

  13. Will the Canadian Cancer Society help me solicit donations?

    We are happy to provide you with the information and tools you need to make your fundraiser a success. Be sure to download the Cancer Fighter toolkit, which will provide you with tips and tools to help you organize a fundraiser from start to finish. You can also contact your Canadian Cancer Society staff partner for a letter of support something you can use to show potential donors that you’re officially fundraising on our behalf.

  14. What if I want to fundraise but don’t want to host an event?

    Virtual fundraising is a perfectly acceptable and impactful way to raise funds for the fight against cancer. You can sign up online as a Cancer Fighter and reach out to your contacts by email or on social media, directing them to donate through your fundraising page.

  15. I’m having trouble reaching my fundraising goal what can I do?

    We encourage you to download the Cancer Fighter toolkit from your Participant Centre and make use of the tips for fundraising and promotion, but here are our top three fundraising tips!

    1. Make the first donation to your personal fundraising page. This will help other people choose how much to give to you, so make a donation that you're proud of!
    2. Send fundraising emails from your Participant Centre to everyone you know. This is the secret of our top fundraisers! Ask everyone because every donation adds up.
    3. A few days after you send your first emails, send a reminder email to anyone you haven't heard from yet. Experience tells us that most people need 2 to 3 reminders before they make a donation, so don't get discouraged if you don't hear from someone right away.

Questions about donations and tax receipts

  1. What if I receive cash or cheque donations?

    Please do not mail cash. If you receive cash donations, you can either: (1) make the donation by credit card to your online fundraiser or (2) write a cheque for the total amount of cash donations and send it to your local Canadian Cancer Society office. (Find the address to your local office)

    Please mail cheque donations to your local Canadian Cancer Society office, noting the name of your fundraiser on the envelope like this:

    Re: Jane’s fundraiser

  2. Do I get a tax receipt?

    If you make a personal donation, then you will receive a tax receipt. For instance, if you donate online to your own fundraising page, then you’ll be issued a tax receipt by email immediately. However, if you send in money that you’ve raised offline, then it’s the individual donors that are eligible for a tax receipt. (If you are one of the individual donors, then you will also receive a tax receipt for the amount of your donation.) Be sure to use the downloadable donation form in the Cancer Fighter toolkit to keep track of offline donations and donor information.

  3. When will my donors get receipts?

    When donations are made directly to your online fundraising page, the donor will receive a tax receipt by email immediately afterwards. If you need to mail donations in, check with your Canadian Cancer Society staff partner or email us for more information at Once received at our office, donations of $20 or more will be receipted and mailed out within 8 weeks.

  4. My donor didn’t get a receipt. What do I do?

    Check with your Canadian Cancer Society staff partner or email Donor Services at

    To ensure they are able to assist you, make sure you have the donor’s full name and method of donation (online, through the mail, etc.) The more details you provide, the better.

Using the website

  1. What is the Participant Centre?

    When you sign up online, the Participant Centre houses everything you need for a successful fundraiser! Once you’ve logged in to the site at, your Participant Centre is your one-stop-Cancer Fighter shop! From here, you can edit and personalize your fundraising page, send fundraising emails out to your contacts, download the Cancer Fighter toolkit and resources. You’ll also be able to enter any offline donations you’ve received and track your fundraising progress.

  2. My fundraiser is over, how do I close my page?

    Your fundraising page will remain open for the rest of the year, there is no action you need to take. If you no longer want your page to appear on our website, you can email us at

Privacy and security

  1. Is it safe to donate online?

    Give with confidence. Our online donation system is secure. When you donate online to the Canadian Cancer Society, feel confident that your information is completely secure. We use the highest levels of internet security and encryption to protect your credit card and personal information. Look for the “https” in your browser URL and the padlock symbol in your browser window.

  2. Will my information be shared or traded with anyone?

    No. The Canadian Cancer Society will not share your information with any outside agencies/organizations or individuals without prior consent or, if the disclosure is permitted or required by law. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.