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25toLife 2017 - Strike Against Cancer

Strike Against Cancer and Dare Jar: Lip Sync Edition

Strike Against Cancer

Have some SPARE time, and want to take a STRIKE against cancer? Our bowling night might be right up your ALLEY!

Strike Against Cancer is an exciting bowling event that will be hosted at the Port Coquitlam Bowling alley. 100% of the proceeds from the event will be going to the Canadian Cancer Society to fund cancer research. If you’re a bowling champion, or just want to have a great night with your friends, be sure to come out to our event. The event will include raffle prizes, food and a bar, and a dare jar donation game for your peers to perform a funny activity!

Join us and knock down cancer, one pin at a time.


Location: Port Coquitlam Bowling (2263 McAllister Avenue)

Event time: November 19, 2017 (9:00pm-12:00am)

Entrance Price: $25/person: includes 3 games of bowling and a beer or pop!

Dare Jar: Lip Sync Edition 

Have you ever wanted to watch your favorite Beedie Boys lip sync to Katy Perry... or Big Shaq? Well, here's your chance!

25toLife presents The Dare Jar: Lip Sync Edition.

We have four contestants, three jars, and one great lip sync video for you! Each contestant has their own designated Dare Jar, and every dollar that you donate to their jar will go towards increasing their chances in performing a lip sync to a song of your choice. On November 19th, we will tally up the totals donated to each jar and announce the winner of this challenge. A video of the winner lip syncing will be released at a sooner date and the song performed will be randomly chosen from the donors' submissions.

If a total of $600 is raised, ALL contestants will participate in the lip sync video. As an additional bonus, we have a special surprise prepared if we reach the milestone.

Meet the Contestants:
Dare Jar I: Cody "Dad" de Leijer
Dare Jar II: Lawrence "Lawry" Chau
Dare Jar III: Ruben "The Rookie" Gomez-Garcia & Perry "Speedy Speed Boy" Ng

How you can donate:
1. Visit our link at http://convio.cancer.ca/goto/strike2017
2. Click on the blue box labelled "Donate to 25tolife 2017 - Strike Against Cancer"
3. Fill in the donation information
4. Comment the contestant's dare jar you would like to donate to and the song you want them to sing.
5. Donate!

100% of proceeds will go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society to fund cancer research.

25toLife 2017 - Strike Against Cancer (Team Full) Raised
Peyton Winslade $0.00
Team Gifts $2,210.00
Denotes a Team Captain